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Probate Process A-Z

Complete video guide to Probate. Learn your responsibilities and duties as an executor from start to finish. Make informed decisions during your estate administration journey.

Don't Miss A Step

Avoid inheritance draining mistakes during the estate management process and stay on top of your estate settlement.

Retail Listings/Auctions

Maximize the inheritance for the beneficiaries with the Smart Estate Sale System exclusive to Janet Sierk at EXP Realty. Your choice for listing or auction!

Sell Off-Market

We connect you to Cash Offers for both Houses and Estate Liquidation Buyers. Fast, Fair, & Easy Transactions!

You have options...

We Handle The "Stuff"

As an executor, an Estate Solutions PRO gives you a lifeline! They have the connections to handle all of the "stuff" from cleanout to sales and cleanup.

Free Custom Strategy

Meet with an Estate Solutions PRO to discuss the details of your Estate Asset Management Plan. Get a Free Strategy Session and Plan for you to follow.

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